Haso Kuusikkotie

The area consists of two sites near the center of Maunula, which was completed in the 1950´s. A park, the Heka-Maunula Oy building from the 1970´s, the Metsäpuro road and the Maunula School borders the site. Both sites are mostly located atop a slope. Northern / northwestern areas of the plots are extremely steep, setting a certain challenge for the design process.

The project consists of five separate residential buildings and three different types of houses: a stacked townhouse, a terraced house, and a point-access block. Design-wise the buildings are homogenous, wall-like pieces that through a uniform brick facade become a part of the existing environment. The size and the typology of the northernmost area is similar to the neighboring buildings from the 70´s, while the buildings in the southernmost area are clearly associated with the small-scaled surroundings by Metsäpuro road.

Kuusikkotie 7-8, Helsinki

Helsinki City Housing Production Office


4900 brm²

Jyrki Iso-Aho, Matti Heikkinen, Ville Kuhmonen