Heka Ruususenrinne

The rocky, sloping site was urbanized during the complementary development in Roihuvuori in the 50´s and 60´s. The site is located along the new Ruususenrinne road about half a kilometre from the Siilitie Metro station. The approximately 6500 sq. m plot is part of the residential area and consists of two separate construction sites with a floor area of 3320 sq. m and 2710 sq. m. The design of the buildings is in accordance to the areas town plan, where compact communal courtyards are formed between the building masses. The placement of the parking area differs from that of the surrounding areas town plan in which the parking is placed under the yard. It has instead been situated above the ground on the western border of the plot. There the driveway does not feel too overpowering as seen from the street, and plants can be placed more freely.

The square meters assigned for the lower housing are split into two separate masses (buildings B and C). This makes the yard airier and more open towards the upper slopes and the access ways more flexible.

House A is a multi-storey building, where common spaces are located at street level and a sauna has been placed on the top floor. Houses B and C on the other hand, represent a terraced typology, where the ground floor consists of smaller one-story flats, and the higher floors consist of larger two-story apartments.

The total number of apartments is 86, with an average of 57 sq. m per apartment.

Ruususenrinne 6, Helsinki

Helsinki Housing Production Department


6039 brm²

Jyrki Iso-Aho, Ville Kuhmonen, Matti Heikkinen