Järvenperä residential park and youth space, renovation and transformation of usage

Järvenperä primary school, completed during the birth of Finnish primary schools in 1892, was designed by Gustav Nyström and built by Aurora Karamzin. The building has a timber frame and consists of two floors and a cellar. The school’s only classroom, the sculpting room and the teacher’s apartment, were originally located on the first floor. The apartment of the second teacher was located in the attic. The building was transformed to a kindergarten in the 1970´s. The goal of the project was to change the purpose of the sr-1 protected building into a residential park and youth space, as well as to gently renovate the building.

We aimed to change the well-preserved outer appearance, the layout of the rooms, the timber frame and the details of the building as little as possible. The ceiling, which was raised in the 1950´s was torn down and returned to its original state. The availability of the building was bettered through the construction of a ramp at the main entrance, as well as through the incorporation of toilets for disabled individuals. The examination of the state of the building showed that the building was in good condition. During the renovation however, it was necessary to replace parts of the timber frame, remove some of the structure and tear the contaminated parts of the flooring in a way that allowed the original floorboards to be reinstalled afterwards. While renovating the structure of the building we strived to use traditional, breathable structural solutions and wooden materials. The original colorization was reinstated using a colour study.

The project consisted of a research of need, a project-, general-, and implementation plan, as well as the completion of a building history statement.


Kulloonmäentie 20, 02940 Espoo

Espoon kaupunki, Tilapalvelut-liikelaitos


366 brm²

Teemu Taskinen, Riitta Tuomisto, Milja Lindberg