Tamminiemi, the restauration of the Urho Kekkonen Museum

The service residence of the president of the Republic of Finland, Tamminiemi, has functioned as a museum since 1987. The building was originally designed as a private villa and was completed in 1904. The architects, Gustaf Strengell and Sigurd Frosterus, implemented in their project, in a natural way, international style with the newest ideals of their time. The villa was donated to serve as the president’s service residence in 1940. The interior and details from president Urho Kekkonens reign remain in the museum. A restauration based off of the villas original colours was made during an extensive renovation in 2011.

Our office has functioned as the restauration architects for Tamminiemi since the beginning of 2019. The project was ordered through the real estate framework agreement of the Senate, with the goal of ensuring a high quality of the renovation of the state’s important projects, as well as the forming of exemplary ways to handle said projects. We strive to perform discreet and conservative maintenance reparations. The planning is done in collaboration with experts from the Senate and the Board of the Museum, as well as their partners: restorers, tinsmiths and other craftsmen.


Seurasaarentie 15, 00250 Helsinki

Senaatti-kiinteistöt, Museovirasto


Jyrki Iso-Aho, Riitta Tuomisto, Minna Vuorenpää