As Oy Helsingin Ruusunen

The building complex “Helsingin Ruusunen” is a part of the complementary development of the residential area of Roihuvuori that was built from 1950s to 1960s. It is situated between Itäväylä and center of Roihuvuori, and it is less than a kilometer away from the Siilitie metro station.

The approximately 4500 m2 plot is part of the residential area and has two separate construction sites with a floor area of 4100 m2 and 1180 m2.
The long, straight buildings and open yards of Roihuvuori have influenced the design of the buildings on this site. All the permitted floor area is placed parallel to the street on the larger of the two sites. The smaller site has not been urbanized in any way, which improves the sites connectivity to both existing and future neighborhoods.
The floor plan is a three-stage slab block, where common spaces are in the basement and on the first floor at yard level. The common spaces on the first floor are in the center of the building, forming a community square in the courtyard. Parking space is placed underground according to the town plan.
There are 67 apartments, with an average m2 of 63,2. All flats are equipped with a balcony or a small private yard, and most have their own sauna. Larger apartments are located at the ends of the slab blocks, opening into two or three directions, while smaller ones lie between them facing the courtyard.


Roihuvuorentie 36, Helsinki

Helsinki Housing Production Department


5281 brm²

Jyrki Iso-Aho, Ville Kuhmonen, Matti Heikkinen