Hakaniemi market hall renovation

The market-hall, completed in 1914 and designed by Karl Hård af Segerstad, is protected with a detailed plan. Helsinki City´s real estate centre ordered from our office the renovation of the building, as well as a project plan for the new underground spaces. These were completed in 2014. Furthermore, we prepared implementation documents for the project in 2016.

Architecturally the most demanding part of the project has been the reorganisation of the building services. Currently, the channels and machines are located on the shopping corridors, which creates narrow and unorganized spaces. The solution to this would be to place the technology for downstairs in the cellar, and the technology for upstairs in part in the attic. Through this the volume of the hall could be maximized and used to its full potential.

A separate project plan was developed regarding the transferring of the garbage disposal from the hall and marketplace to the maintenance yard, which was to be constructed underneath the marketplace. Furthermore, the underground connection between Hakaniemi subway station and the market-hall was also part of the project plan. The maintenance yard would enable the incorporation of a relatively closed market-hall and its functions as an organic part of Hakaniemi marketplace. Moving the market shop closer to the market-hall is also incorporated into the marketplace´s plans.

The renovation of the hall is ongoing and will be completed in 2022.


City of Helsinki – Real Estate Department


4860 brm²

Jyrki Iso-Aho, Päivi Vaheri, Hasse Hägerström, Pasi Mänttäri, Minna Vuorenpää