Ilola school extension

The extension to the Ilola School (built 1987) provides space for 8 elementary school classes and a pre-school. The execution was done by Rakennusliike Evälahti Uusimaa Oy.

The main principle of the design process was to save as much of the sunny courtyard play area as possible. The new extension is placed on the northern border of the plot so that it forms a clear end to the public space on the northern side of the school. The northern facade runs along the main lines of the street network and the eastern facade is orientated with the sports ground and the sloping site. Matching proportions and material choices were used to blend the new extension to the old school building when viewed from the town space.

A green corridor running between the buildings gives all the teaching rooms park-like views. When viewed from Epinkoskentie and the sports grounds the extension has a public building -like character.

The spaces in the extension wrap around an atrium that encourages communality and spending time together. The teaching rooms are accessed through this communal space. The atrium is not only the visual highlight but also the functional heart of the building which functions as group working spaces in the bottom and balcony-like upper floors. The main staircase is designed so that it also holds space for informal sitting steps and a small stand for spontaneus displays.

Epinkoskentie 5, Vantaa

City of Vantaa



1350 brm²

Anders Adlercreutz, Tapani Lehtinen, Teemu Taskinen