In our previous projects we have developed a digital scoring system for guiding building choices based primarily on open public spatial data sets. With that data we have outlined the various concession zones for the specific planning area and designed the basic structures for the land use plans as well as produced scoring systems for properties in village environments upon which new constructions could be allocated with.

The system we are developing in the KIRA-digi project is to be refined to create the conditions for new operating models and to simplify and standardize the basic design of land use planning at national level. The planning processes and land management systems will need to be reformed in the coming years to meet the opportunities offered by the information society.

The purpose of our project is to develop a universal and standardized tool for assisting land use planning. Documentation and the production of publications aim at making the method easy to use in municipal and district planning. The second phase of the project aims to explore opportunities and practical applications for the transfer of different data content between different software platforms, for example for visualization purposes.

Ministry of the Environment


Matti Heikkinen, Panu Söderström, Staffan Lodenius