Matinkylä ja Espoonlahti Fire Stations

Espoo arranged a competition on two fire stations for contractors, one in Espoonlahti and other one in Matinkylä. Both were won by Tricon Oy on which Architects A-konsultit did the architectural design and planning. For functional reasons it was considered necessary to keep both buildings almost identical in the spatial and floor planning. This way staff personnel could move and work easily between both stations without having to go through separate introduction how the fire station operates.

One of the most important goals of the design was to have the buildings be a part of surrounding built and natural environment, in a cost-efficient manner. High standards on sustainability and architecture were both key aspects on facade and the plot design. Both buildings’ and plots’ functional principles has been planned in collaboration with Uusimaa Rescue Department.


City of Espoo


1330 brm²

Jyrki Iso-Aho, Pasi Mänttäri