Orvokki Cultural centre

The Orvokki cultural centre consists of three school buildings completed in different time periods. The Real Estate Centre of Vantaa ordered the plans for the renovation and remodelling of Orvokki from our office in 2018. The buildings are used by Vantaa art school and the Music College.

The two oldest buildings are protected. The oldest building was completed in 1926. It is the first school made of stone in Vantaa, as well as the first Finnish speaking school of the area. A primary school was built south of the first building in 1939. The primary school was expanded in 1995. The yard area, formed by these three buildings, is also part of the project.

The buildings are being renovated technically, as well as through modifying the interior to fit the needs of the art school. When it comes to the ventilation in the main building, the project is seen as a pioneer in Vantaa. The ventilation in the main building is currently done mechanically in part, while the rest uses gravity. This will be changed during the renovation. The ventilation in the cellar will work mechanically, whereas the two top floors will have hybrid ventilation. The routes, smoke channels and holes in the outer wall, that were needed when the building used gravity in their ventilation, will be used as part of the hybrid ventilation.

Placing the routes for the technology in the structure of the building, has been a challenge in all three buildings. The routes were planned, using an informational model. In the beginning of the project we at A-Konsultit modelled all the buildings with the help of a point cloud model.


Orvokkitie 15, 01300 Vantaa

Vantaan kaupunki, tilakeskus



2785 brm²

Jyrki Iso-Aho, Riitta Tuomisto, Minna Vuorenpää, Pasi Mänttäri, Heikki Torkkeli