Reference Plan for Otakaari Student Housing

Project located on Aalto University’s campus includes a plan consultation and the preparation of a reference plan on behalf of the landowners, Aalto University and Senate Properties. The new detail plan enables 26,350 m2 building rights for student housing, diverse common spaces and a local grocery store. Due to the new development, the street space and related public areas are converted to a more active part of the campus area.

Adapting the new construction to the architecturally valuable campus area and securing the habitat of the flying squirrel were the key design issues of the project. Within the project, new forms of student housing and the development of communal housing were also studied in co-operation with the site developer, the Aalto University Student Union.

Espoo City Planning Board approved the town plan based on the reference plan in November 2020.

Otaniemi, Espoo

Aalto University Campus & Real Estate, Senate Properties


Staffan Lodenius, Panu Söderström