Soukka Metrostation surroundings

The western Metro will have a station in Soukka and an improvement strategy of the stations immediate surroundings needed to be made. An idea plan – urban and functional review – serves both the metro project planning and the centre area zoning. According to the ideals of the Soukka areas construction period, the street level is addressed to the vehicles, while the market square is reserved for light traffic. The future Metro station will change this setting. Based on extensive background work and alternatives analysis, two options were developed for the metro station, service centre, housing, transport and parking solutions:

-The option ”SOUKKA ESPLANADE” is focused on primary level: from there it is natural to descend into the Metro ticket hall and the area can be developed into a comfortable and safe meeting environment.

-On ”SOUKKA MARKET SQUARE” the main emphasis is divided between the primary and top levels: the market is the heart of the district to which the light traffic is freely directed from different directions. In both options, between the two main levels a more natural and functional approach and visual connection is created. Alternatives are conceptual ideas rather than specific plans intended to be implemented.


Espoo City


Staffan Lodenius, Jyrki Iso-Aho ja AFKS Arkkitehdit Oy