TKK Mellin Hall

TKK’s main building is one of Alvar Aalto’s main projects, and the 600-seat Mellin hall we planned is linked to the existing lecture hall group.

The new part follows the main building’s material line: granite stone, bronze and crossed black granite. In the new section, a new theme for the building was introduced: the auditorium glass wall with its painted aluminium grating. The importance of natural light in the hall was also one of the starting points for the project.

The new auditorium will primarily serve as a lecture room but will also be used as congress and meeting rooms, as well as for dissertation and marketing. The tunnel under the auditorium and the windows of the second-floor office building surrounding the hall have dictated the dimensions of the interior height.

The grating on the glass wall is oriented to allow the view to the northeast but prevents direct distracting sunlight.

The Mellin Hall forms the northern end of the main building.

Otaniemi, Espoo



Jyrki Iso-Aho, Eric Adlercreutz and Päivi Vaheri