Töölönkatu 28

Töölönkatu 28, remodelling and renovation

The art-deco styled tile building, located on Töölönkatu, was completed in 1931 and functioned as a vocational education institution. The original designer of the monumental building was the architect Väinö Vähäkallio. Sibelius Academy has functioned within the building since 1982.

The building consists of a main wing of six floors at the end of Dunckerinkatu, and of a factorylike side wing of four floors. The building dominates the green yard in this Töölö-block. The building is protected through a detailed plan and is located in a nationally significant built environment (RKY Taka-Töölö apartment block area). In the new protection plan it is specifically noted how important the preservation of the building’s interior is.

The building will be renovated and transformed into residential houses. A tower like building of seven floors will be constructed on the southern part of the area.

When it comes to the apartments, we are looking to provide a higher level of quality than what is commonly found. In the old building for example, you can find apartments of two floors, which differs from what is usual on the market. Our office has partaken in the planning of the project since the reference plan regarding the change in the detailed plan was worked out. The coordination of the protection of the building, fire safety, technical systems, health, and acoustic requirements were completed in collaboration with the planner, the board of the museum, other authorities, as well as professional speciality planners and the future contractor.


Töölönkatu 28, 00260 Helsinki




9168 brm²

Jyrki Iso-Aho, Riitta Tuomisto, Matti Heikkinen, Hasse Hägerström