Unlimited metropolis

Development picture of the Helsinki metropolitan area.

The long-term development of the metropolitan area of Helsinki with 14 municipalities, “Unlimited Metropolis”, was drawn up by a consultancy group led by Strafica, in close interaction with municipal representatives. A-Consultants responded to the development and visualization of land use plans.

The mandate can be seen as a symbiosis of a series of development strategies for the Helsinki Metropolitan Area and Southern Finland: HeSPo 2004 (Helsinki-Sipoo-Porvoo), KUUMA 2005 (Central Uusimaa Municipalities), METKA 2008 (Southern Finland) and Länsirata 2010 (Helsinki-Espoo-Lohja), where the office responded to land use surveys.

MAL Advisory Board / 14 municipalities in the Helsinki Region


Staffan Lodenius