Vaapukka kindergarten and the Marjaniemi branch of Roihuvuori primary school

The planning of the new building for the kindergarten is based on the transforming concept of education, as well as on Helsinki city´s new pedagogical goals and design instructions. The building fits 240 kindergarten children and 100 primary school children. The physical frame for open educational environments was developed together with Kaskos experts, acousticians and future employees. The goal of this project has been to reach a multiform, flexible and modifiable spatial entirety, as well as to enable the removal of the borders between the activities of the kindergarten and the primary school.

The plot of Vaapukka is situated on a parklike zone between Itäkeskus suburbs´ southern block and Marjaniemis´ low rise building area. The children’s entryway has been separated from the large mass of the building through the forming of wing buildings of a smaller scale. In these the youngest children’s home areas form a separate, more easily accessible world on the ground floor.

The construction began in 2020.

Sinivuokonpolku 9, 00930 Helsinki

Helsingin kaupunki, Kaupunkiympäristön toimiala


3532 brm²

Jyrki Iso-Aho, Riitta Tuomisto, Pasi Mänttäri